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Navigate the complex world of Scope 3 emissions reporting – Download

Explore current insights on mandatory Scope 3 emissions reporting requirements in our latest thought leadership piece ” Sustainable Supply Chains: A focus on the supply chain and Scope 3 emission challenges”.

As greenhouse gas emissions reporting becomes compulsory under regulations like the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), manufacturers face increasing pressure to accurately measure and reduce their supply chain emissions footprint.

This compact piece examines the complexities around Scope 3 emissions calculations, including the lack of uniform reporting standards across countries and industries. It provides guidance on key factors to consider when developing a compliant, cost-effective emissions reporting strategy.

You’ll learn practical steps manufacturers can take, such as:

  • Gaining complete ownership over your emissions data
  • Having emissions data verified by a third-party
  • Benchmarking and validating calculations
  • Proactively aligning with customer demands

The opinion piece also explores how to ensure your logistics provider is an effective partner in Scope 3 reporting by transparently measuring their own suppliers’ emissions.

Download our thought leadership piece now to prepare your organisation for upcoming emissions reporting mandates. Alternatively, have a quick browse here:

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