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Responsibility is high on our agenda, and we continuously seek to ensure that our Critical Service Logistics solutions are developed with the planet, people and society front of mind.

ESG is short for “Environmental”, “Social”, and “Governance”, and covers essential information about a company with focuses on the environment and climate initiatives and regulations, social/community impact and general management.

Due to the nature of our business, we recognise that we have a direct impact on the environment, through the transportation of goods, as well as a corporate social responsibility towards DANX Carousel group’s employees, communities and clients.

Below you can find more information about our work with ESG.

Environmental impact

The logistics industry clearly has a significant impact on the environment. As a leader in critical spare parts distribution, we are accountable for our actions. Therefore, we aim to commit towards continuously enhancing sustainability and decreasing the emission of our operations.

We undertake the responsibility of leading the critical service logistics industry in Europe in the decarbonization of transportation and logistics activities and have set the goal to reduce our emissions by 40% in 2035 and 90% in 2050.

This goal is to be achieved through several different actions, such as steadily improving the efficiency of our transportation networks through fuel substitutions and product replacement that reduce and/or eliminate GHG emissions.
Moreover, we commit to measuring and reporting our Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions yearly to progressively reduce them.

You can learn more about the specific initiatives we have put in place to reach the goal and our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goal number 13: Climate Action.

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Social responsibility

We believe that it is important to drive positive societal change, and we are committed to being a socially responsible company – especially through the engagement with and inclusion of our employees and local communities.

Our business is built upon our fantastic employees so their wellbeing and safety, as well as our partners, is of great importance. We strive to provide a secure and safe working environment and are committed to continuously improving our safety capacity – promoting and educating safety through i.e., ADR courses, conducting yearly engagement surveys and focusing on the reduction of stress-related absences.

A diverse working environment is something we see as key to strengthening our workforce and becoming a successful organisation.

We have a strong belief that a diverse workforce and equal opportunities are fundamental for a sustainable workplace and culture. Diversity is about much more than gender equality; however, this is where we have chosen to focus our current efforts. Moreover, being able to ensure equal access to learning and development opportunities and helping our employees achieve their full potential is something we have a strong focus on – and we support our colleagues with both internal and external training opportunities.

In addition, we believe that it is important to give back and we continue focusing on making an impact on the communities in which we operate, especially through our DANX Carousel Foundation. The foundation works to support charities that are in line with our values of learning, caring and ownership, as well as the local communities we operate in.


As a leading company within critical service logistics, we always strive to uphold good corporate governance principles and ensure that we provide a high level of accountability, integrity and transparency for sustainable business activities. In addition, we ensure transparency in how we manage and run the companies of the group to our global stakeholders.

Based on Governance requirements and sustainability commitments, the Group, checks and audits its Governance, Health & Safety, procedures and standards throughout the businesses – ensuring that the commitments, spirit and requirements of its regulatory and legal obligations are upheld.

In addition, The Board of Directors are committed to regular review and assessment of the group’s governance, ensuring they have full visibility across every area of the organisation. Where and when required, it applies strategic treatment of any risks to ensure the Group remains compliant and conducts itself with integrity throughout its business.

You can get an overview of the policies that help us ensure compliance on our websites or you can get more information on how we work with ESG through our sustainability policy.

As part of our ESG strategy, the Group has also signed up to the UN Global Compact and has chosen to focus on 5 out of the 17 Sustainability Goals. Learn more about them and the specific actions and initiatives within, here.