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We are pleased to announce some of the initiatives the DANX Carousel Foundation has supported so far.

Since 2023, the DANX Carousel Foundation has been dedicated to championing projects that resonate with the core values of the DANX Carousel Group: Caring, Learning, and Ownership.

The primary focus lies in supporting initiatives that foster learning and development, while simultaneously making meaningful contributions to charitable causes and local projects within the communities where the DANX Carousel Group entities are located.

We are proud to be able to share some of the organisations and individuals who have been supported by the DANX Carousel Foundation. These outstanding initiatives embody our core values of continuous learning, unwavering ownership, and genuine care.

FC Rudersdal’s Girls Under 14 Team: Fostering Inclusivity on the Field

FC Rudersdal is a dynamic football club, located in Rudersdal, Denmark, uniting 950 members under the banner of Community, Joy, Development, Respect, and Experiences. The DANX Carousel Foundation takes pride in supporting FC Rudersdal’s girls under the age of 14 football team, ensuring they are geared up with new training uniforms for the chilly evenings in Denmark.

 Helping the girls with new training gear, we recognise the diversity of resources among players and contribute to an inclusive environment where every team member, regardless of their background and economic situation, has an equal opportunity to thrive and be part of the team. Embodying the essence of our own ONE TEAM ethos, we want to help the players unite in a shared pursuit of success – something we try to replicate across our own organisation.

“The generous donation from DANX Carousel has not only provided our U14 girls’ team with a fantastic functional and versatile kit for training and matches throughout the year, but it has also strengthened the social bonds and sense of community within the team. Playing in this kit not only adds an extra dimension to our performances but also signals commitment, professionalism, and unity when the girls step onto the field. We are grateful for the significant support that has elevated our team experience to new heights.” – Morten Gregersen, Team Lead, FC Rudersdal. 

Heart 2 Heart: Nurturing Sharing for a Balanced World

Heart 2 Heart is an association with a vision of a world where sharing is the natural and primary choice. Their vision revolves around utilizing surplus resources and redistributing them to those in need, promoting a sustainable balance between abundance and scarcity.

The DANX Carousel Foundation proudly supports Heart 2 Heart, specifically with a focus on their Bread Delivery Project. With this project, Heart 2 Heart collaborates with a bakery chain and two individual bakers, taking over their surplus bread and distributing it to 25 social institutions in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. The DANX Carousel Foundation naturally supports their project with a focus on logistical enhancements and getting from A to B.

This funding aligns seamlessly with our core values, fostering continuous improvement and a sense of responsibility for the success and impact of this initiative.

“Receiving the support from the DANX Carousel Foundation is a big deal for us. It allows one of our projects to have viability, benefiting both the association and the users to whom the bread is delivered. For these kinds of projects, it can be very difficult to secure resources for pick up. This donation has a huge impact on maintaining the logistics for both the bakeries that deliver the bread and for those who receive the bread, which is vital for the project to keep going.” – Pernille Casparsen, Founder of Heart 2 Heart.

Raphaela: Making a Difference in a Brave Three-Year-Old’s Journey

Raphaela is a courageous three-year-old, facing the challenges of a rare gene mutation—one of just 50 documented cases. Her family navigates health insurance hurdles and government support limitations while providing round-the-clock care.

The DANX Carousel Foundation is honored to support Raphaela and her family by providing a specialised sport stroller and a bed with vibration and stimulation. This initiative exemplifies our commitment to making a positive impact where it’s needed most and resonates profoundly with especially our value of caring.

“For us, this support is worth more than can be put into words. The bed is a unique way for Raphaela to calm down and relax and involves all her senses – warmth, movement, and sound – which is really good for her. The vibrations also have a positive effect on her muscles and breathing – giving her more health stability and perhaps giving us a little more time to spend with her.  The stroller is able to help us get around without having to worry too much about every little potential obstacle. What used to feel impossible to do will now become much easier which is an immeasurably valuable gift for us as an adventurous family.” – Daniela, Raphaelas’ Mother.

The Weddington Community Allotment Association: Supporting inclusive growth

Founded in 1960, The Weddington Community Allotment Association has been a cornerstone of community support, fostering outdoor engagement for individuals with diverse needs. The Association’s primary objective is to garner both financial and physical assistance, fostering the development of the allotment site. This support aims to assist members in engaging with gardening as a recreational pursuit, promoting health, well-being, education, and community fellowship as integral components of a sustainable way of life.

An additional aim is to continue providing support to enable all users, regardless of their needs, to enjoy the benefits of being outdoors. This includes young adults developing independence and young people who have a wide range of special educational needs learning about growing your own food.

The DANX Carousel Foundation has provided funding for the purchase of materials, enabling the Association to persist in developing essential facilities such as improved toilets, enhanced disabled access, and raised beds on the allotment site.

“The numbers of plot holders alongside growing links with local employers have steadily increased over more recent years, reflecting the importance of the facility to those in the local community. We could not have continued with the development of the site without the support of organisations such as the DANX Carousel Foundation. Working in the community to provide support and learning opportunities are valued by the DANX Carousel Foundation and these values are shared by Weddington Community Allotment Association.” – Bernard Peffers, Committee member

You can read more about the DANX Carousel Foundation by following this link.