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There are great chances to develop and learn new skills in this company, which is a big reason why I’ve stayed for this long

In the bustling world of logistics, where deadlines are tight and change is a constant, finding a workplace that not only embraces these challenges but also nurtures personal and professional growth is a rare gem.

Our Global Service Desk Manager, David Leonard, is a perfect example of someone who has undergone tremendous development during his time with the DANX Carousel team, embracing our values of Learning, Caring and Ownership. Starting in the warehouse and now working as a Global Service Desk Manager, David’s story shows that you’ll come to experience great support and opportunities at DANX Carousel.

If you would like to learn more about David’s development journey and how he went from a role in the warehouse to a focus on IT, you should keep reading…

Ending up in the industry by chance

Going back to the beginning, David ended up in the logistics industry by pure chance. He explains:

“I applied for a job and got it. And then I quickly figured out that the industry is one that I thrive in. The logistics industry is not for everyone, but it certainly is for me – and I feel like I’ve really found something that I like and enjoy here”.

The industry being suitable for David shows throughout his journey within DANX Carousel. Starting in Carousel 13 years ago, he began in an operational role in the warehouse at the Gateway Center. Over time, he transitioned to client services, where he gained varied logistics experience. David recalls his beginning at Carousel:

“I was in the warehouse for a little bit before I had a chance to move and work in client services with some of our key customers. I got a good and varied background in logistics there and got involved in lots of different things. I like the challenge of new things and learning new skills as well as meeting new people. So, that was great.”

From operations to IT

After being in client services for a while, he had the chance to move into a management position in the warehouse as a Site Manager. Driven by a genuine interest in IT, David collaborated closely with the support team during his time at Carousel. So, when the opportunity to move into the IT department came about a while ago, it naturally took up his interest:

“I was already part of the company and had experience with logistics, so there were a lot of things that I could bring to the table while getting the chance to develop more in-depth knowledge and skills within IT. I had some time to start training alongside my previous role, which was very helpful and then I was able to take this new and exciting challenge on.”

Making a difference for the team

In his current position as Global Service Desk Manager, David not only helps with setting the direction for improvements and changes as well as implementing new tools and improving the IT department’s services. He also provides guidance and helps the team overcome challenges as well as fostering their development – something he in particular enjoys:

“I’ve realized that I really enjoy managing other people and helping them grow. It’s nice to be able to make a difference to people and that’s very motivating for me”

The supportive environment at DANX Carousel Group

Reflecting on the support received from the company, David expresses gratitude for the training and education provided to facilitate his transition into a new role. The supportive environment fostered by the managers has been instrumental in his professional development.

“There are great chances to develop and learn new things in this company, which is a big reason why I’ve stayed for this long. During my 13 years here, I’ve had different managers depending on the role and they’ve all been great and supportive in my personal and professional growth”.

A testament to the people and culture

Despite the logistics industry being challenging and fast-paced, the values and culture create a positive and supportive environment for everyone to thrive according to David. Therefore, he is not hesitant when asked about the aspects he likes the most about working at DANX Carousel: it is the people and the culture.

“It’s the people and the actual culture in itself and the values we have. I’ve been here for such a long time because it is such a great environment, and the people are so approachable and helpful.”

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